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Were not particular here, We just call it like we see it!


R&S has a “Masters-Degree” in Common Sense, and we firmly believe that all Americans must follow suit in our pledge to; set aside our differences and “Love” this great country! The United States of America! As citizens of this great country we must place America first and foremost with an obligation to the country as absolute in “Patriotism” by taking care of our country first! Then (and only then) can we Americans be of any worthwhile assistance to any other countries of the world. God Bless the USA!


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Real Americans are people committed to the betterment of this great country, people who abide by and take pride in the country’s Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments! With a complete and total understanding of how the county was founded as a Constitutional Republic, one Nation under God indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all! God Bless the United States of America and its Citizens! A Nation of Peace, Strength and Wisdom! This is a country where all honest (law abiding) persons are welcome, we are a melting pot of many different cultures. However, we do have laws that require any immigrant’s wishing citizenship to fulfill before taking up residency in our great country. And once here; learn our language, follow our Laws and respect our Constitution… Further, if this presents a problem for any immigrant, then the USA is not the place for you to take up residency... -FFT

Real Concerns

There are those who would like nothing more than to see America fall, who attempt to take over and rewrite our Constitution and Laws of the land. That expect the USA to accept their way of life and assume that to replace ours! Keeping the USA united as a people and a country, is a real concern! There are so many countries that hate us and want to see the USA fail. They tried to break us in War, a cowardly attack on our country in 2001 and are now trying to divide us from within by getting into our political system and causing turmoil and disruption amongst our people. They believe the Race-Card to be Americas “Achilles heel” to this we must stand together and stay strong! We must not let them divide the citizens of this great country, The United States of America!

God Bless the united states of America

We love this country and strongly believe we should put America first and foremost! There is no reason for America to apologize for being a great nation, with a great people! We refuse to feel guilty for the abundance of wealth and joy our country has established! We must take care of our own citizens before we offer help to any other countries! Since 2016 and the election of Donald J. Trump this country has been remaking itself “Great Again” the momentum must not cease! We have far too many citizens (especially our Veterans) living on the streets, all the while the USA is expected to feed the world, no more! America first! Literally! -FFT (Food For Thought)